Saudi Prince Buys 80 Plane Seats For His 80 Falcons, And You Have To See The Photo


Imagine settling down into your plane seat for a long flight, only to discover that the passengers in the neighboring seats are falcons. Eighty of them. That’s just what happened to some lucky travelers.

Ahmet Yasar, who posted a picture of the flight on Reddit with the caption, “My captain friend sent me this photo… Saudi prince bought ticket for his 80 hawks,” explained that the A330 plane had been traveling to Jeddah, a city in Saudi Arabia.

Many wealthy people own falcons and use them for hunting or competition. And, of course, at some point you have to transport them. Some airlines, such as the Etihad, allow falcon owners to purchase tickets for the birds. With a single bird ticket costing up to $630, we can only imagine how much the owner paid for these 80 birds!

This must have been one interesting flight.

This video from 2014 depicts a similar flight.

What has your most unusual experience on an airplane been?

Source: UpliftPost

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